War Thunder Viking clan application

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War Thunder Viking clan application

Post by SYNTH on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:48 am

InGameName: SYNTH (all caps)
Age: 15
Where are you from: Belgium
Your experience with Planes: Im still in the zone of figuring out the plane i can do best with and am casual with, Soo yhea im getting there.
Your experience with Tanks: I don't play alot of tank battles, here and there i play it sometimes but not alot.
What are the highest tiers achieved from each nation(list plane and tank tier): P-63A-5 from USA, right now i only play on the USE nation cause i wanne get a jet as fast as i can.
What game modes do you prefer/play most of the time: Arcade
How would you judge your own skill: Out of 10 i would give it a 7.6/10 i make some mistakes like everyone else does here and there.
Do you have Teamspeak 3+working headset? Yes i do.
Why you wish to join us: Cause i want some friends i can play with.

Here are some questions we have for you:

1:If you can choose between killing an opponent or saving a teammate what would you do and why? Saving a teammate, Because if you save ur teammate u kill one enemie then when ur done u go to the other plane you were gonne attack as of tho you should get 2 kills and save 1 life.

2:Do you feel as a player that you play/compete at your highest level and why you think that? I try my best to play as good as possibel but right now im getting in the zone of choosing a plane im good and comfterbel with. #BadEnglish

3:What do you expect from a teammate when you are playing together? And what can he expect of you? I expect that he will stay by my side as a wingmen and cover me if i get tailed my an enemie, He could expect of me alot of teamwork and alot of cover.

4:Do you feel you can represent the clan at your best at all times either tournaments or public games? I sure can.

5:What do you expect from the clan? Alot of fun time playing together, Friendlyness happynes and ASS KICKING!

Love yall..... bye lol!


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Re: War Thunder Viking clan application

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:43 pm

welcome. your welcome to join us on our teamspeak anytime and please be around for our sunday training and we will see how things go.


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