Application of BlazeEliteXGamer

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Application of BlazeEliteXGamer

Post by BlazeEliteXGamer on Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:16 am

InGameName: BlazeEliteXGamer
Age: 20
Where are you from: Puerto Rico (that is located on the Carribbean Sea in Central America,left to the Atlantic Ocean)
Your experience with Planes: Great.
Your experience with Tanks: Great.
What are the highest tiers achieved from each nation(list plane and tank tier):
Planes: US. tier 4. Ger. tier 5 Rus. tier 4 UK. tier 5 Jap. tier 4.
Tanks: US. tier 4. Ger. tier 4 Rus. tier 4
What game modes do you prefer/play most of the time: i prefer to play Realistic in both Planes and Tanks. used to play Sim in Tanks, but the events aren't my thing. I do try to play Sim in Planes from time to time without a joystick or the proper controls.
How would you judge your own skill: I would judge my skill with a skall from 1 to 10. I may say, 8. But with my PC performance I may drop it to 6 or even 5 if neccessary.
Do you have Teamspeak 3+working headset? I do have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone.
Why you wish to join us: I wish to join the clan/squadron because I have my old Clan/Squadron friends there. I feel lonely so I need to socialize with my old friends again and play with them. I want to improve even more and get competitive.

Here are some questions we have for you:

1:If you can choose between killing an opponent or saving a teammate what would you do and why? I would prefer to save a teammate, but it really depends on the situation and how is my teammate/enemy. If my teammate knows that he can win the engagement then I won't help him and will try to just support him from a good altitude until he needs my help. If the enemy is more skilled than my teammate then I'll support him, but that really depends on what plane he is, altitude and range from myself and him. If the my opponent is out of my range of engagement I will also go and help my teammate or support him. If my opponent is trying to engage me then I'll try to take him out as fast as possible or distract him so that he doesn't engage my teammate. It really depends on the situation, but answering the question. I will save my teammate over going for a kill.

2:Do you feel as a player that you play/compete at your highest level and why you think that? I do feel like I play/compete as a player at my highest level, but there are some situations (and maps) that put me on the lowest level as possible. Because of my PC performance there are the times were I have to play it safe and not at the highest level possible.

3:What do you expect from a teammate when you are playing together? And what can he expect of you? I would expect from a teammate when playing with me together to stay within or support range and help each other as much as possible. TO coordinate and to support our teammates and us. To increase the changes of winning everything match we go together as a team. What can he expect from me? Well like I said before it really depends. But normally I'll do my best to stay as close to my teammate as much as possible and to support him.

4:Do you feel you can represent the clan at your best at all times either tournaments or public games? I feel I can 'try' my best to represent the clan at all times either oturnaments or public games in a good way. In the way you would expect.

5:What do you expect from the clan? I expect to learn more from the clan and to have fun, whenever when we are being competitive or playing casually. I expect to join the correct clan that would satisfy my true goals. My goals are to be competitive and to have fun.


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Re: Application of BlazeEliteXGamer

Post by Santhanas on Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:54 am

Come on TS. We are mostly active between 17 to 02 CET.

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