The Eagle is landed

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The Eagle is landed

Post by IronEagel on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:55 pm

InGameName: IronEagel
Age: too old  Neutral
Where are you from:Krautland
Your experience with Planes:decent
Your experience with Tanks:decent
What are the highest tiers achieved from each nation(list plane and tank tier):I have nearly everthing
What game modes do you prefer/play most of the time RB / SB / AB
How would you judge your own skill:viking
Do you have Teamspeak 3+working headset? Yes
Why you wish to join us:how would win a fight between pirates and ninjas? Vikings (once in a time i was a member of a strong fleet called vikings)

1:If you can choose between killing an opponent or saving a teammate what would you do and why?
depends on the situation, most of the time killing the oppenent is the best solution.
in tanks saving a teammate to help him repair if you are in a squad could give him the time to drive out of the enemy line of sight

2:Do you feel as a player that you play/compete at your highest level and why you think that?
over 2 years of game expierence, participate in allot of tournements makes me a decent player

3:What do you expect from a teammate when you are playing together? And what can he expect of you?
Teamplay, experience, to teach him my knowledge of the game

4:Do you feel you can represent the clan at your best at all times either tournaments or public games?
Yes (I worked already as an Arbiter on Gajin Warthunder Tournements)

5:What do you expect from the clan?
Playing on high quality like in the old Navyfield times.

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Re: The Eagle is landed

Post by Johanschumann on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:45 pm

Declined. Not being active in trainings


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